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Salesforce Admin Interview Questions Part 8

Salesforce Interview Questions – Service Cloud


162. What is Service Cloud?


  • Service Cloud refers to the services or customer service module in It includes cases, solutions and knowledge articles, entitlements and Assets.
  • It also has features like web2case, case auto assignment rule, case escalation rule etc.
  • It is designed to allow an organization to support past, current and future customers who will be requesting you to assist with the products or services etc.

163. What is the difference between service cloud and service cloud automation?


Service cloud includes

  1. Case
  2. Solutions
  3. Knowledge articles
  4. Entitlements

Service cloud automation

  1. Business hours
  2. Holidays
  3. Web to case
  4. email2Case
  5. Case auto assignment rule
  6. Case auto response rule
  7. Case escalation rule

164.What is a case?


A case is defined as a customer’s issue, question , feedback or problem. Custom support reps in the company uses cases to track and solve the customers issues.

165. What is a solution?


  • A solution is a detailed description of customer issues and resolution to it. These are generally frequently occurring issues with the steps to solve the issue.
  • Solutions can be hosted on companies self service portal and make them public so that customers can refer themselves and solve the issues
  • or these can be private hosted on companies internal portal where only companies internal support rep can access.

Note: Solutions are not available in salesforce lightning and it will never be available in future in lightning

See below :

You can promote the following idea :

166. What are knowledge articles?


  • Knowledge articles are very much similar to solutions but it is having a lot more features than solutions.
  • For simple company setup we can utilize solutions but if we want more robust solutions we can utilize knowledge articles functionality in salesforce..
  • Knowledge articles require an additional feature license.
  • To enable a knowledge license , we have to go to the user and check the checkbox knowledge user.

Note: Once the knowledge is enabled we cannot disable it.

167. What is an entitlement in salesforce?


  • Entitlements lets the support reps know whether the customer is eligible for the support. Whenever a customer purchases a product or services entitlements are given to them either free or with a premium fee.
  • Example: Bob purchased an Apple iPhone and he received free entitlement for product support for 2 years and Bob purchased additional product repair or replacement entitlement for a fee for 2 years.
  • All this information of Bob’s entitlements are documented in entitlements. Whenever Bob calls for support then support reps refer to Bob’s entitlements before supporting his case.

168. What is an Asset in Salesforce?


  • While products represent a product which company sells, but assets represent a specific product a customer has purchased. Assets have serial numbers, purchase date and other information related to that specific product.
  • Example: Apple sells iPhone , so here iPhone is a product of apple. But when Bob purchase an apple iPhone the that particular piece becomes an Asset which will have its unique serial numbers, its purchase date and many other information

169. What is SLA?


SLA is a service level Agreement, the agreement between the company and the client or customer that service will be available for and agreed upon period of time

170. What are business hours?


Business hours are used in salesforce to adhere to the timeline of an SLA while supporting a customers case.

171. What are Holidays in salesforce?


We can setup Holidays in salesforce which can be used in conjunction with business hours to adhere on agreed upon SLA while supporting a customers case

172. What is web-to-case?


  • Web-to-case is very similar to web-to-lead. This feature helps companies to capture the data related to customers problems/issues and create a case in salesforce.
  • Example: Bob purchased a laptop from ABC company and after a few months he faces an issue in the laptop then Bob opened the support portal of ABC company and entered all the details of the issue and click submit button, it will automatically created a case in salesforce.

173. What is the case auto assignment rule?


  • Case auto assignment rule automatically assigns case to the appropriate owner based on the assignment rules. Owner of the record can be either a user or a queue. Case auto assignment rule consists of multiple criteria. There can be only one active rule at a time for case.
  • Example : Bob submits his issue details on the support portal of ABC company and selects the device type as Laptop then case auto assignment rule can automatically assign the created case to Laptop Teams Queue.
  • And if Harry submits his issue details on the support portal of ABC company and selects the device type as Monitor then case auto assignment rule can automatically assign the created case to Monitor Teams Queue.

174. What is the case auto response rule?


  • Case auto response rule is to send automated responses based on any attribute of any incoming Case. There can be only one active rule at a time for Case.
  • Example: When Bob submits his issue details on the support portal of ABC Company then he receives an email confirming his issue details are received by the company and a case is created for the same.

175. What is the case escalation rule?


  • In escalation rules, when the case is not worked up for a specific time then it can be automatically escalated to the higher manager.
  • Which means escalation rules automatically escalate cases when the case meets the criteria defined in the rule entry. You can create rule entries, which define criteria for escalating a case, and escalation actions, which define what happens when a case escalates.

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