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Salesforce Admin Interview Questions Part 9

Salesforce Admin Interview Questions – Communities or Experience Cloud


176. What are communities in salesforce?


  • Communities are a great way to provide access to a subset of our org to the external world. Whether it be a partner , customer or employees.
  • Example : Customer support portal, Help forum and HR Central

177. What are the different types of communities in salesforce?


  • Customer communities.
  • Partners communities.
  • Employee communities.

178. What are portals?


Earlier communities are called as portals and later salesforce enhanced the portals and named it as communities

179. What are the different portals we had in salesforce?


  • Customer portal
  • Partner portal

180. Do we have to purchase separate license for communities?


Yes. Communities have separate licenses.

181. How many communities can we create in salesforce? Or is there any limit on no.of communities we can create?


We can create up to 100 communities in an org including active, inactive, and preview communities.

182. What are the different Communities User Licenses available in salesforce?


There are five communities license types available for external users

  • Custom Community
  • Customer community Plus
  • Partner Community
  • Lightning External Apps
  • Lightning External Apps Plus

183. What is the difference between a Member based license and a login based license?


  • Member based licenses are very similar to standard salesforce internal licenses. I.e. each user is assigned with a dedicated license
  • Whereas in login based license the company will purchase a specific number of logins to be used every month.
  • Example if we purchase 1000 monthly logins then each time the user login in to the community it consumes 1 login . However login in multiple times during the same day still only consumes one login.

184. Name the different Member bases and login based community license?


Customer CommunityCustomer Community Login License
Customer Community PlusCustomer Community Plus Login License
Partner CommunityPartner Community Login License
Lightning External Apps PlusLightning External Apps Plus Login License
Lightning External AppsLightning External Apps Login License

185. What is a community builder?


Community builder is used to create , brand and publish a custom community that looks great on any mobile device. We can choose a template to quickly start a community and then style the pages to match the company’s branding.

186. Do we need an extra license to use community builder?


No. Any communities users with the “Create and Set Up Communities” permission automatically have full site administrator access to a community’s Community Builder.

187. Is there any prerequisite to create a community user?


Community users should be associated with an account and contact.

188. Can the community associated account be a person account or business account?


It can be either person account or Business account but partner community users can’t be associated with person account they should be associated with only business accounts. And Customer community users can be associated with both person accounts and business accounts.

189. How to setup/enable community user?


Open the Account and the related contact of that account and click on “Enable Customer User” Button

When we click on “Enable Customer User” button it will open user creation screen with community user license auto populate, fill the mandatory field on the user and save it. It will create a portal user and send the login information to the portal user.

Account –> Contact –> Enable Customer User –> Enter user details –> Save

190. How to login as portal user or impersonate portal user?


Open the Contact record which is enabled as poral user and and click on “Login in to Experience as user”


Answer :

Salesforce recently rebranded salesforce communities as Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Most of the salesforce help documentation and reference are still referring it as salesforce communities, and many times these names are used inter changebly.

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