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Salesforce Admin Interview Questions Part 7

Salesforce Admin Interview Questions – Sales Cloud


141. What is sales cloud?


  • Sales cloud refers to the sales module in CRM. It includes lead, account, contacts , contracts, opportunities , products , price book, quotes and campaign.
  • It includes features such as web-to-lead to get online lead from the website (company website), lead response rules, lead assignment rules.
  • It is designed to be start to end setup for the entire sales process, so companies use this to help generate revenue.

142. What is the difference between sales cloud and sales cloud automation?


Sales cloud includes

  1. lead
  2. account
  3. contacts
  4. contracts
  5. opportunities
  6. products
  7. price book
  9. campaign

Sales cloud automation

  1. Web-to-lead
  2. Lead auto response rule
  3. Lead auto assignment rule
  4. Lead process
  5. Organization wide email address

143. What is a lead?


Lead is nothing but the information of a prospect customer and he/she is not yet a customer.

144. How to convert a lead?


When we open the lead page there will be a convert button on it. Click on the convert button to convert the lead.

145. What happens when the lead is converted? Or what is the lead conversion process?


When a lead is converted the three things happens

  1. It will create an Opportunity
  2. It will create a Account
  3. It will also create an Contact

Note : If the same account and contract already exist then the system will allow the opportunity to associate with existing contact and account

146. What is a lead process in salesforce?


A lead process allows you to define or customize status values or stages for leads.

147. What is a campaign?


Campaigns are run by companies to generate leads or business. All the information regarding the campaign planning and execution can be captured in the campaigns.

148. How many types of accounts are there in salesforce?


There are two types of accounts in salesforce

  1. Regular Account (Business Account)
  2. Person Account

Note : By default a person account is not enabled in salesforce. We should create a salesforce support ticket to enable person account.

149. Can we have both a regular account and person account in an org?


Yes, we can have both the accounts at a time in an org.

150. How to differentiate between Regular account and Person Account?


As soon as we enable person account , there is a record type created for account and it will have two options

  1. Account
  2. Person Account

151. What is the difference between a regular account and a person account?


  • Regular account are used for B2B (Business to business) type of account and Person Accounts are used for Individual customers which are not business.
  • Person account will not have a company field. When we convert a lead to person account it will not create the contact

152. What is a product?


It is a standard object which stores all the products a company sells. Its api name is produce2 in salesforce

153. What is Pricebook?


It is used to provide different pricing of the same products for different regions or different types of customers.

Ex: For a particular product retail customers can have some price but wholesale or regular custom can have a different price.

154. What are quotes?


Quote is the negotiated price given to the customer and it will only be valid for some specific period.

Note : By default Quotes are not enabled in salesforce.

To enable Quotes go to Setup → Customize → Quote Setting → Enable.

155. Is the default or out of the box functionality sufficient for complex product quotes?


No, salesforce out of the box Quote functionality is not sufficient for Quotes.

156. How to achieve complex Quotes functionality in salesforce?


We can install and use any of the appexchange CPQ products to achieve complex quote functionality.

157. What is CPQ?


CPQ stands for configure price and quote.

158. What are the appexchange apps available for CPQ?


159. What is web-to-lead in salesforce?


Web-to-lead is an essential salesforce automation feature. This feature helps companies to capture data submitted by their website visitors and create a lead in salesforce.

Example : Bob visits the website of ABC company and open their contact us page, contact us page is expecting Bob to enter few details like his contact details and the product he is interested in, once these data is entered by Bob and click submit button , it will be automatically created as Lead in salesforce

160. What is the lead auto assignment rule?


Lead auto assignment rule automatically assigns lead to the appropriate owner based on the assignment rules. Owner of the record can be either a user or a queue. Lead auto assignment rules consist of multiple criteria. There can be only one active rule at a time for Lead.

Example : Bob submits his details on contact us page of ABC company and selected Product as Hardware then lead auto assignment rule can automatically assign the created lead to Hardware Teams Queue

And If Harry submits his details on the contact us page of ABC company and selected Product as Software then lead auto assignment rule can automatically assign the created lead to Software Teams Queue

161. What is the lead auto response rule?


Lead auto response rule is to send automated responses based on any attribute of any incoming lead. There can be only one active rule at a time for Lead.

Example: When Bob submits his details on the contact us page of ABC Company then he receives an email confirming his details are received by the company.

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